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The ability to effectively find, access and use information to support academic research and information literacy is a key 21st century college and career readiness skill. The library is dedicated to providing students with resources and services that support the development of these skills.


Research Databases

The library maintains a robust collection of electronic databases to support research across any subject matter. Access to electronic databases is limited to MUHSD students and staff. To view database passwords, make sure that you are logged in to your school Google account.


Gale Databases

GALE offers a variety of database resources for all of your research needs. Use Student Resources in Context for general topics OR use the science, US history or world history databases for subject specific information. Opposing Viewpoints contains information about many of today's most controversial topics.



Click the button below to access the passwords for the GALE databases. You must be logged into your MUHSD Google account to view the page.



Opposing Viewpoints



Gale In Context: Science Web Icon


Gale In Context: U.S. History Web Icon

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Google Scholar

Google Scholar helps you find books, articles, and other documents published by authors who do research at colleges, universities, and other research institutions. All sources are credible and reliable for research purposes.


SIRS Databases

SIRS Knowledge Source by ProQuest is one of the most popular and reliable research tools for school libraries. It consists of 3 different databases that can be searched separately or together. It features many of the same tools as the Gale databases, including Google Drive integration and text-to-speech. Home access requires a password found on this page.


SIRS Issue Researcher

SIRS Issues Researcher is a general interest database for school research projects and includes a Pro vs. Con section for controversial topics.

SIRS Government Reporter

SIRS Government Reporter is a collection of resources by and about Government and contains a large number of primary sources from drafts of bills to court case transcripts.


SIRS Renaissance

SIRS Renaissance is a database of resources covering the arts and humanities and includes information on topics from architecture to the visual and performing arts.



CSL Databases


See resources that are available from the California State Library for all within the state.